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Benefits of COLARIS AP Testing

COLARIS AP® is a genetic test that requires only a small blood sample to determine that a patient has APC or MYH gene mutations, indicating a diagnosis of an adenomatous polyposis syndrome. Once genetic risk is identified, there are specific management strategies that can be employed for early detection, risk reduction, and possible prevention.

Benefits of Genetic Testing
Not only does COLARIS AP® genetic testing enable the physician to take a proactive management approach with clearly identified at-risk patients, but it can also enable clinicians to:
Avoid unnecessary interventions in family members who did not test positive for the gene mutation(s)
Target screening and surveillance to only those with the APC or MYH gene mutation(s), thus increasing clinical efficiency while saving costs
Counsel patients and family members on the underlying cause of cancer
Begin proactively treating patients due to the near certainty of mutation carriers developing cancer
Differentiate between HNPCC, AFAP, and MAP
Finally, if cancer does develop, outcomes are likely to be significantly improved and medical costs reduced by early diagnosis and treatment. Specifically, it is possible to reduce an individual's risk of developing colorectal cancer by approximately 100 percent with appropriate preventive measures in FAP.26
Myriad Genetic Laboratories Advantages
Myriad Genetic Laboratories offers the most accurate clinical test available to detect APC and MYH gene mutations, including:
Proprietary automated robotics systems help decrease the chance of human error in the analysis and ensures specimen integrity
The Myriad Reimbursement Assistance Program (MRAP) assists patients in maximizing their payment options for genetic testing
For more information on COLARIS AP® , a genetic test for adenomatous polyposis syndromes, call Myriad Genetic Laboratories at 1-800-469-7423. Order a testing kit online.
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COLARIS is a genetic test for adenomatous polyposis syndromes

A genetic test for adenomatous polyposis syndromes